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Bleeding with The Moon: Understanding your menstrual cycle in relation to the Moon.

Updated: Jan 28

Happy Mo[o]nday Folks, or rather, Full-Moon-Day

That’s right, we have ourselves a shiny full moon in Aries *heart goes pitter-patter* the relentless young fire sign full of passion + play. This moon is also known as the Hunter’s Moon, a term used since Native Americans would farm into the night under the October full moon, as fields, crops and animals were all illuminated, just before the winter season. If you want more insights into what this Full Moon means for each Zodiac sign, check out the Instagram Highlights @HandlewithCare_blog.

Bleeding with The Moon

Inspired by PCOS awareness month just passed, and embracing all things magical and witchy in the name of Autumn, Handle with Care brings you an introduction to Bleeding with The Moon: Understanding your menstrual cycle in relation to the Moon.

Show Notes

[Featured Artists: Laura Berger, Layha Ehsan, Pink Bits, Recipes for Self Love, The Menstrual Officer]

Meet the Moon

The Moon itself is the symbol of the Goddess, the divine feminine. In astrology, the Moon is associated with the mother and with feminine energy in general; both our inner child and our inner mother. It is responsive, receptive, and reflective.

Understanding where your own cycle falls in relation to the moon, means you can harness the energy that you may have otherwise missed. It should be said that, scientifically speaking, the moon is by no means triggering your period. And, by that same token, there's no reason to hack your period in order to align your cycle with a particular lunar cycle.

It’s no coincidence that the Moon’s cycle is the same length as our menstrual cycle

They key here is to understand what cycle you may have (red/white/in-between cycle). In any case, it’s more about seeing what the moon is up to when your period starts, and harnessing that energy to your advantage.

Red Moon Cycle

Bleeding: Full Moon

Ovulating: New Moon

Did someone say… SHE’S A WITCH!

The Red Moon Cycle is about tapping into your intuition, because it is extra intense at this time. Meaning, your gut instincts are on fire, so listen up! Similarly within you is the energy to be more meditative and mindful, if you just learn to tap in.

The magick is real here, okay? This is the time when you can discover deep inner realisations, transformation or create subtle movements that can have a large, long-lasting ripple.

Recognising your period as sacred, the gift of creation, the red fricken flag that signals you can gift life, birth beautiful ideas, and have the strength to endure pain beyond reasoning... gratitude will prevail your being, and you will be one supreme, woman on fire.

Advise: turn inward and listen to the voice in your head, in your belly, & in your freaking vagina. Trust me, you will be well served.

White Moon Cycle

Bleeding: New Moon

Ovulating: Full Moon

*Channelling Mama Earth*

The White Moon Cycle is a good time to be a Mother; of children, plants, projects, heck… heck, even dragons. Whatever it is you Mother, let this cycle be the energy you need to care for the people or projects close to your heart, and most importantly, care for yourself.

So, we have two things in the mix here: Mothering Energy + Creative Fire. Perhaps, preparing a beautiful meal for you and your loved ones?

Like anything creative, what you do will depend on how you happen to experience your period that month, and whether you're up to letting your creative side out to play. It’s important to tune into your body here, and respect it’s response to the season at hand.

Advise: the White Moon cycle has great restorative properties, so you really will be honoring the moon if you spend it curled around your favourite body or your favourite pillow… and of course, eating chocolate to your heart’s content.

The in-between phases mean you will bleed with the waxing/waning phases of the moon. If the moon happens to be in one of its in-between phases, do not worry about missing out. This will happen every woman at some stage. Usually, when your changing between the red and white cycle. It’s the nature of, well, nature! So, we get to experience all the cycles, as we grow *and glow* with the Moon. No wonder no period is the same, eh?

Waxing Moon Cycle

Bleeding: Waxing Moon

Ovulation: Waning Moon

The waxing phases are great times to reflect on how you might find a sense of completion in different areas of your life. As your natural energies will organically turn inward to focus attention on the separate categories that make up your life, such as work, social, health, family, spiritual, financial, etc.

This is a powerful way to channel that mastering energy to really discover what needs your attention in order to create more balance and harmony in your every day.

Advise: Spend time alone. However you can, wherever you can, set aside some you-time to simply just be. *no phones allowed* Really embrace what it feels like to bleed this time around. Time alone will help you gather your thoughts and perspective on your life without the influence of others or overly stimulating environments.

Waning Moon Cycle

Bleeding: Waning Moon

Ovulation: Waxing Moon

The waning phases are believed to encourage you to let go of things you no longer need *uterine lining included*

A freeing cycle to say the least, bleeding with the waning moon means whatever is no longer serving you is being swerved.

Thank you - Next.

This is a powerful time to focus on what brings you the most joy in life, and really indulge in the little things you love so much (carbs included).

Advise: Practise gratitude. *Hello Marie Kondo* Never forget to express your gratitude before letting go. Whether it’s an old sock, or someone who was once dear to your heart, always remember gratitude; it is a great healer, and it attracts more things to feel grateful for.

Side Note

You can draw more spiritual parallels between your period and the moon if you wish, I mean the list is fricken endless. All I’ve covered here is the introduction into the the 4 types of menstruation cycles you can have: Red, White, Waxing, Waning. Meaning, I haven’t even covered what you can do in those other 3 weeks of your cycle! Yes, the energies are ever changing, each cycle goes through 4 phases.

just taking five minutes during your period to observe the moon, you can remind yourself what a fricken goddess, you are

Other than your bleed, we have the approaching Pre-Ovulation, aka. the Virgin phase (fun, playful, sociable); Ovulation, aka. the Mother phase (warm, hostess, creative); Post-Ovulation,aka. the Enchantress phase (witchy, manifestation, daring). If you want to dig deeper into Moon Cycles and find out more about the energies within your cycle, just holla. Write to me through the blog, podcast, or Instragam

I hope you enjoyed the Podcast Episode, along with these show notes. Love & Full-Moonlight for the cycle ahead, keep bleeding, keep dreaming, and remember to always, always,

- Handle with Care