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Female February

A month of Massage, Tits + Flowers

Happy Mo[o]nday folks. This month, Handle with Care is focusing on all things female, starting with the Moon (no surprise there). That’s not to say you need a vagina to stay up-to-date with this month’s posts, not at all: there are masculine + feminine energies with all of us mere mortals.

The purpose of the next 4 weeks is to focus on the feminine: to explore concepts of self care through a feminine lens by a series of interviews. In other words, what female influences have impacted practices of self care, and in what way.

For example, in next week’s podcast *spoiler alert!* we discuss the feminine influence of a mother on a holistic therapist’s career. So, whatever gender you are or aren’t (aliens included), you are encouraged to tune into this month’s posts for some serious self care natter.

Masculine March? Let me know your thoughts...

It’s a New Moon

And you know what that means (if you read my last new moon post) ...

Every new moon represents a new beginning, making it one of the best energetically-charged times for starting something new.

This new moon falls in Aquarius, a sign of creative expression + philosophical thinking; an ideal time to dig deep into the feminine perspective on self care.

To up the ante even further – Handle with Care is piloting a podcast feature! That’s right, expect 30 minutes of babble on self care with special guests + yours truly, SJ.

Let’s dive right into it...

New Moon + Feminine Energies

Did you know – the cyclic nature of women is interlinked with the moon + the tides. In fact, the word menstruation comes from the Greek word menus, translating to moon, power + month. Women would often bleed together on the new moon and ovulate on the full moon. Or vice versa.

Look at the world around you, it’s a collection of rhythmic cycles!

The 24-hr cycle of the Sun where day becomes night, night becomes day. The rhythmic cycle of the earth’s seasons, the human experience from birth to death, + the cycle of nature from growth to decay.

It's a constant loop of expansion + contraction, always returning back to the earth.

To honour yourself is to honour your own cyclic nature. A way of doing this is observing nature’s rhythms and aligning ourselves with them. For example, we honour the cycle of the sun by sleeping when it goes down. Likewise, we adopt favourable seasonal diets – anyone else still on that winter hot chocolate hype?

A new moon or ‘dark moon’ is when there is no moon visible in the sky, encouraging us to look within and practice introspection – ovaries not compulsory. You can do this by simply spending time in stillness, rest + reflection.

In the world of holistic therapies and the esoteric arts, Moonlight is known for its feminine energetic vibrations (whereas the Sun holds a masculine energy). The moon and its light are often interlinked with concepts of the Divine Feminine - a concept grounded in spirituality, with varying definitions.

Let’s dive a little deeper...

The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine and Masculine energies transcend gender. These energies have various characteristics apiece. The closer we are to balancing these energies, the closer we are to our higher self + fullest potential. In yoga, this is the yin + yang within us, or the left (feminine) + right (masculine) side of the body.

Put simply, there are masculine and feminine energies within everyone. So, when we talk about the ‘Divine Feminine’, we are speaking about the part of your consciousness responsible for nurture, intuition + empathy, regardless of gender.

Consciousness is basically divided up into the ‘masculine’ side and the ‘feminine’ side, and we need both to achieve our highest creative potential - Suzanne Kingsbury

There’s so much to converse about this subject, but it seems to be a controversy minefield! Discussions about the Divine Feminine are increasingly shifting to the topics of female suppression, feminism, the patriarchy, and other weighty philosophical subjects.

While the history of humankind is hugely complex, we know patriarchal sufferings to be rooted in feelings of suppression- caused by fear. As we have evolved over the last few thousand years, we have built our structures, societies + systems almost entirely without the energetic influence of the Divine Feminine (receptivity, openness, inclusivity + cooperation). The absence of this has developed societies that are embedded in fear:of each other, of being vulnerable, of being honest, + of not being what others expect us to be.

We have been living through an energetic imbalance.

We’ve forgotten how to be equally divinely feminine + divinely masculine. It is time to shift away from the vibration of fear and embrace the Divine Feminine qualities which have neglected for so long.

In all of this time, the Divine Masculine has been just as lost as its Feminine counterpart - Katherine Anne Lee

What to Expect from Female February

Massage, Tits + Flowers

This month, Handle with Care will be joined by special guests who all practice from very different corners of self care.

First, we meet massage therapist + new entrepreneur, Nina, to discuss self-employment, holistic therapies and massage as a form of self care.

Second, we delve into the life of a burlesque performer + company director, Poison, discussing concepts of gender, body confidence + sexuality.

Last, we discuss the power of flower essences + vibrational therapies, with therapist Natalia, examining how self care and mental improvements can be achieved without a pharmaceutical aid.

Only in the darkness of an ending, does a New Moon arise

Embrace your feminine energy this February, and remember to always, always,

- Handle with Care

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