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Female February ft. Natalia, Patagonia Essences

Updated: Jan 28

'when your personality ... gets too apart from the soul, then your body gets ill, just to remind you'

Meet Natalia

Just over a year + a half ago, Vibrational Therapist Natalia left South America, bringing (her huge box) of little bottles with her! Taking the weathers of Chile + essences of Patagonia, to Sheffield.

Listen to the Podcast:

This wraps up my short podcast feature (for now). I would love to hear your thoughts on the Handle with Care podcast - because it's something I'm hoping to develop throughout the year (starting with proper equipment!).

I love talking about these important topics of self care, spirituality + healing. I think we need these conversations now more than ever - and the organic nature of podcasting makes these discussions more easily understood, inspiring, relatable + accessible.

Let me know if you've enjoyed listening, and would like to hear/see more of this in the future! Also, a big special thanks for my Guests on the Podcast: Nina, Poison, + Natalia.

Natalia grew up in Chile, South America.

As a young girl, Natalia was always close to nature, and grew up camping + exploring the mountains.

Nature inspired her to explore the world of natural healing.

She began developing her healing practice from age 13, when she first learned Reiki (which she still uses today!).

It was Natalia’s Mum who first introduced her to flower essences, when she began preparing during Natalia’s school years. After experiencing this powerful and subtle therapy first hand, Natalia felt called to do the same.

What are Vibrational/Flower Essences?

'It’s not something you’re going to use instead of going to your doctor, it’s a complement'

Flower essences are a natural liquid preparation, contained in a little bottle with a dropper (normally taken orally but can also be used externally when prescribed).

'...[people] always ask me if you have to believe in them for them to work, and I say no. You just have to take them, for them to work ...'

How are Essences created?

Each bottle of essence contains the energy of a specific species. The energy is obtained by putting the flowers in the water or by placing the water bowl around the flowers under the sun. The water copies the energy of the species and then it is kept with alcohol or vegetable glycerine.

'... the only thing that is a must, is that you really want to make a change and feel better ...'

Essences don’t have any chemical active components, just the vibration, which makes it a very safe therapy for use at any age and as a complement for any other therapy that you can be using.

'... most people who research essences already want to make that change ...'

Because it is not based in any chemicals of the flower, there are also essences from animals, crystals and other elements. These kinds of essences are called ‘vibrational’ essences and they work the same way as flower essences.

'... water has a memory ...'

Natalia explains the important of using spring water, clean, from the earth. Likewise, different solutions are used for each essence depending on whether it’s going to work mostly on the physical body or energetic body. Because our body has around 70% of water, this ‘energised’ water will start resonating with our own water.

- Can someone prescribe the Moon some flower essences please - because I’m still recovering from that last full moon in Virgo! Anyone else?

'If you take this subtle vibration ... anything that’s pure + coming from nature ... that doesn’t have an ego, so it’s not questioning itself ... a really pure vibration ... taking that water with that vibration 2 or 3 times a day ... that’s going to start resonating with your own water ... it really changes our vibration, slowly'

What do Essences do?

Natalia explains essences are based on empowering you through nurture + healing. This involves releasing your ideas, emotions or traumas that may be hindering you from growth.

'for me it’s like peeling an onion, so the layers would be layers of fear ... limited ideas ... or self-limitations ... and then you start seeing your true potential'

Natalia believes our perinatal experiences (what we live through while being in the womb, birth + first days of life) have deep repercussions throughout life. Her dream is to improve those experiences + help to prevent traumatic situations from the very beginning, through essences.

It made sense for Natalia to bring these elixirs to the UK + continue to develop her practice, since flower essences were founded here by Dr. Bach in the 1930’s.

The Father of Flower Essences

Plant and flower-based essences were developed in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician and homeopath, who advocated that emotional wellbeing was key to overall health.

Bach was inspired by ancient cultures that used herbs for healing and developed his simple gentle system of 38 flower essences over many years. His incredible work later launched the Bach Centre in Oxfordshire, where essences continue to be prepared exactly as he did.

According to the Bach Centre, Bach flower remedies work to gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of the being.

What to expect in a Flower Essence or Vibrational Therapy Session

Part one:

This is the face to face session. A conversation within a safe space to discuss your current life circumstances + intents.

Part two:

The preparation of essences. A unique blend of essences is created just for you, for your life circumstances. This little bottle of essences will accompany you along the next weeks to progress inner-cleansing and bring insights + clarity.

Natalia also holds a Master’s in Art Therapy and has worked a lot with the Gestalt Approach.

Who are Essences for?

'Any person who wants to work on self care and personal development'

Natalia explains that essences are for anyone who wants to create change in their life.

'they’re really good for people who are dying, and really need to let go'

It may be for healing an old wound, finding focus or passion in life, enhancing your intuition – the list is endless.

'[Essences] remind you who you are ... they’re really respectful of our true nature, so they’re never gonna make you do something that you wouldn’t do if you weren’t healthy and connected to your soul'

The key thing to remember is that you must want to make a change.

'They can also bring lots of surprises! Even for me as a therapist, sometimes I don’t know what’s going to come'

An issue Natalia sees a lot within her practice is vocation, people who are looking for their path in life.

'... of course I don’t know (someone’s vocation) ... but with the essences they start listening to their heart ... they come the next session and tell me ‘you know, I discovered I just love helping people!’ ... and next session is like, ‘and I love helping children actually’ ... and they start finding their own way ...'

Bird Essences + the Divine Energies

‘I don’t damage the birds at all because that would be the essence of a damaged or scared bird ... I get close to them without being invasive ... I used to be a bird guide!’

If you listened to the podcast you will have heard all about our friend, the King Penguin! Skip to 22mins.

When asked how we can use Flower Essences or Vibrational Therapy to balance the divine energies within us, Natalia pulled out the King Penguin card: a kind of essence used to balance the yin + yang within us.

'for me, that essence was quite magical and changed my life somehow ... it’s about finding your perfect partner within yourself'

Natalia explains her personal experience of penguin essences where she felt a reawakening of sorts, of the masculine energies within herself, that helped her reconnect with herself. Through this, she discovered a new dimension of self love, and lost her desperate longing for love outside of herself:

'[King Penguin Essence] helped me connect to my masculine side ... and find the 'man' that I was looking for within me. I started feeling a lot more complete, fulfilled and in good company with myself ... I stopped being so desperate to find someone, and then he just came'

'I always like to prepare them in the places where they [the birds] actually live'

In 2010, she began working as a naturalist guide in Torres del Paine and then in Tierra del Fuego, specialising in bird watching along with companies such as BirdsChile and EcoCamp.

'I used my years working in Patagonia as a [naturalist] guide ... to prepare [bird] essences ... on my time off'

The Scared Feminine

'it’s a blend that moves you into self care a lot'

After feeling inspired by the people + clients who visited her since moving to Sheffield ... Natalia wanted to create a blend to help connection with one’s feminine side. She explains the changes after taking the sacred feminine blend are all about that self-connectedness, in touch with your current state of being.

'people started, for example, realising they weren’t always hungry, they were thirsty ... they started paying attention to their body'

Normally, for Vibrational Therapy, you go for a session and have a unique blend tailored for you by the Therapist.

'it makes you feel sensual and connected to your own beauty ... its about feeling okay with who you are'

However, they are some blends that can work for anyone, in certain situations.

'something I love from the sacred feminine [essences] ... is that they just remind you who you truly are, and of your potential that was asleep. So, if you stop taking them after a while, after taking a proper treatment, nothing of that is going to leave you ... it’s like learning to ride a bike'

Read my Review of Sacred Feminine:

Where to Find Natalia, Patagonia Essences

(other than somewhere up a mountain or hanging out with the birds...)

Instagram @PatagoniaEssences

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Website @EsenciasPatagonia.Com

Hope you Enjoyed the Female February series, and took away something inspiring from this month of Massage, Tits + Flowers. It's been a pretty crazy February for me, #SuperMoon vibes. How did you handle your month?

As usual, I would like to end this post

with a gentle Mo[o]nday reminder:

There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so don't expect yourself to do the same.

Feel the feeling, without becoming the emotion.

Witness. Allow. Release.

And always, always

- Handle with Care