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First New Moon of the New Year

Updated: Jan 28

It’s not too late to set your 2019 intentions

One week into 2019 already? What the fudge!

Happy Mo[o]nday Folks

My favourite day of week -'Why I love Mondays’ is in the blog pot, just you wait...

This Monday holds the very first new moon of 2019. Perfect timing to solidify your new year goals & intentions, if you haven’t already. Take this new moon as an opportunity to reflect over the not-fully-processed bits from 2018, and truly confirm and commit to your 2019 plans.

If you’re not into astrology and don’t really chat with the sun, moon & stars (a lovely bunch), just think of the new moon as a red light – giving you time to decide where you want to go before it turns green. You can skip the moon talk below and scroll straight to the 'how-to' on intention setting.

Talk Moon to me

A new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle (not a full moon, as many stargazers think). This particular new moon, that began yesterday on Sunday the 6th of January, happens to coincide with a partial solar eclipse,*plot twist* a new beginning x10!

The new year slate has not only been cleaned; it has been soaked, bleached, scrubbed, put through the dish washer, hand-washed, and cleaned again.

A solar eclipse happens when the moon moves in front of the sun from our teeny-weeny earthly perspective, casting a shadow. This occurs when the sun, moon, and earth are aligned in a nice straight line.

In the starry world of astrology the moon influences emotions. In this instance, that means one’s emotions (moon) may cast a shadow over oneself (eclipse), directing us inward to see what needs addressing.

Okay – so what does that mean exactly?

During the new moon phase, the moon is hidden. However, when it occurs during a solar eclipse, the moon’s shape is silhouetted. The moon’s orbit around earth is different from earth’s orbit around the sun, meaning a solar eclipse doesn’t exist with every new moon.

So, astrology speaking, a solar eclipse takes the new moon’s antics to the next level. It creates a clear outline and makes the moon stand out in bold. Put simply, it is ‘a stronger’ new moon.

Moon rituals are a powerful way to connect with yourself and the universe on a regular basis. The energy you can create by hitting the self-reset button at each new moon is incredible – and it’s amazing what you can manifest when you habitually set positive intentions.

The 'How-To' on Intention Setting

Meditating on what you want is a very powerful practice, especially with the clean slate of the new moon. What do you want from 2019?

Imagine if 2019 was a person, what would ask of them, why, and what would you give them in return.

1. Setting Intentions – Mindset

Schedule - plan in advance when you're going to take some time to set your intentions for the forthcoming year. Pencil in a meeting with yourself and respect it like you would respect any other important meeting.

State of Mind - strong intentions come from a pure place true to yourself, in your own best interest. Meaning your state of mind is very important. If you don’t feel centred or content, consider how this might influence your intentions, and ask yourself whether this is the right time to plan your year ahead.

Self-Forgiveness - Feelings of guilt about what you want, or feeling that you don’t deserve certain experiences in life, must be released. You are worthy of your good heart-poured intentions.

Get Vibey – relaxing music, a brew and comfy clothes; whatever it is that puts you in a good vibe, do it. Create your own atmosphere. Your space is sacred and it’s yours to fill positive vibes. For me, this looks like a freshly cleaned and tidy room, smudged with sage, featuring floral candles and a sexy mug of hot coco.

Gratitude – express gratitude for the journey of 2018, where it’s taken you & what lessons you’ve learned. You can do this by writing a short gratitude list, lighting a candle for thanks, or simply mediating on the events past from a more matured and mellowed perspective.

Trust in the timing of your life. Remind yourself that everyone is on their own journey, and no two paths are the same. Whatever your faith or religion, you can recite in your own version ‘I trust in the timing of the universe, I am divinely guided at all times’

An Open Mind – it’s important to remember you do not need to have it all figured out right now! Whether you’re 18 or 58, our worlds can change with the drop of a hat. So, stay open-minded when making intentions, so that every intention can carry a willingness to unfold organically with the events of 2019.

2. Setting Intentions – Method

Putting pen to paper lights more fire than matches ever will - Malcolm S. Forbes

Tools – pen and paper, now that’s magic. Writing down your intentions is a very powerful practice. Search google for ‘the importance of writing down goals’ and your laptop might just melt. If you’re more buttons than pens, perhaps this means typing up your intentions. Whatever your method, ink up for the year ahead and imagine yourself as the author of your own life; the creator of your own vibe.

Safe Keeping – write your intentions somewhere that is valuable for you, easy to find, and feels right. Perhaps this is your 2019 diary, a special journal, or a fancy piece of paper to be pinned on your bedroom wall. For me, I use the front of my gorgeous diary (thank you paperblanks), that I use almost daily. Meaning I’m reminded everyday of the energy, wishes and intentions I set for 2019.

Structure & Style this is something you’re going to revisit for the next 12 months, so it’s important that it’s structured in a clear and helpful way, that looks good to you - and it’s okay to spend some extra time doing a doddle or two! You want to feel motivated when flick open that page. You can check out how I’ve structured my 2019 intentions and plans at the bottom of this post.

3. Setting Intentions – Tips

Keep it Simple – key words and short statements. These are easy to remember, quick to process, and encouraging to keep.

Clearly Defining what you want is key. Clear-cut and definite intentions are easier to visualise and keep you motivated.

Digging Deep within to find what you truly want to achieve, for yourself, and no one else. Forget what you think you should want, or what others might want for you. What do YOU want, and why?

Intuition – are you listening? Be still and listen to your inner-voice. When you think of your 2019 goals and intentions, how do you feel.

Mastery, Magick & Peace of Mind

Here’s a peep of my own 2019 intentions

Setting a theme for the year really helps for when feel off-centre or experience mind-fog. You can simply ponder over the set-theme of your year.


  • A theme for the year.

  • A few columns for simple everyday self-care.

  • A section capturing your list of SMART goals.

  • A list of milestones and events to look forward to and get excited about.

  • An ‘I will’ statement or a quote to live by, for extra empowerment.

Lastly, remember to always, always, handle with care.

Love & Moonlight, SJ. x