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Handle with Care Podcast

Updated: Jan 28

Bless your ears, HWC just launched a new

Babble Feature for Self-Care!

Best Link to Listen with: https://anchor.fm/hwc/episodes/ep-e47i8d/a-agharu

After such positive feedback with the pilot feature back in February, I took a little time to grow some lady balls and finally launch the official podcast! So, you can look forward to a more diverse hub with a mix of blog posts and podcasts. I'll be diving deep into practices of self-care; it's getting honest, real and right-to-the-core my friends.

Self-care natter right at your finger tips, the HWC podcast is now Live!

What does that mean?! It's means - y'all better get used to this squeak of mine, I'll be babbling on everything from self-care to moon magick; periods, mental health, spirituality... all that good stuff. For the topics + points of view that I don't know enough to natter on, guests will be featured + the chat will lit. Happy listening, and please, for the love of Venus, let me know your thoughts!

Love + Moonlight, Be Kind, Be Gentle, and Always, Always

- Handle with Care

Check out the Podcast Pilot Feature from Female February:

Massage - with Nina

Burlesque - with Poison

Vibrations - with Natalia

Handle with Care

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