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My Top 7 Lush Products for Self-Care this Winter

Trust me, I work there.

I haven't shared too much on the blog about my work with Lush, but if I had a penny for every time someone asked what my top Lush products are… maybe I could afford that Karma spa treatment.

With such an incredible launch of products this year, I couldn't not share a post about it, just in time for Christmas.

Welcome to Planet Lush

A seductive sweet aroma reaches out of the shopfront, levitating unsuspecting passers by. Once inside, hypnotherapy begins with cosmic colours, sparkles and witty slogans. Next thing you know, you’re seeing the big bang re-created in a massive sliver salad bowl, while your hands try out some face masks, and you're telling the sales person about your dead fish. RIP Ms Ann Chovy.

If Roald Dahl, David Attenbrough & Ellen Degeneres got together to invent a body care company, it would be Lush. The quirky business has gotten itself the reputation as a Candy Store for Eco-Warriors, Cruelty-Free Shoppers & Bathing Professionals. But Lush is more than just bath bombs and moisturiser,

...it’s the safe space on the high street for every low-impact individual, who wants a big-impact on their self-care routine.

In a world where computers are slowly replacing humans, it’s nice to know that real people and customer service still exists. Lush is inclusive of everyone, in every skin - not including lizard people. So, unless you’re Donald Trump, you will be made to feel very welcome in any Lush Store you visit. Better yet, you won’t feel like your talking to another cosmetic clone from behind a shiny counter of outrageously priced products wrapped in single-use plastic.

Lush employees are trained to provide you with several options that suit your needs, preferences and lifestyles. Because let’s face it, there's no one-size-fits-all skincare routine. However, there are definitely products that absolutely everyone can use, to level up your self-care skin-care in winter.

So, vegetable ink pen & recycled paper at the ready my friends, I’m about to give you my Top 7 Lush Products for Self-Care this Winter. I’ve included all-year-round alternatives for products outside of the Christmas range too, in case it’s too late when you read this - you’re welcome.

My Top 7 Lush Products for Self-Care this Winter

1. Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

Dear Lord, I am worthy to receive you, blessed be thy bathtub for this sensual fizzer. Lord of Misrule is a feast for the senses with a warming spicy blend of patchouli and black pepper, vibrant pinks and greens, and crackly popping candy. ASMR lovers, you’re gonna need help coming back to life after this heavenly escape. The bomb slowly froths away to reveal a rich, wine-coloured centre. Everything about Lord of Misrule screams, you are a sexy, seductive, self-care witch. So obviously, our lovely lord made the very top of the list.

All-year-round alternatives: Geode, Dragon’s Egg

2. Cookie Dough Body Scrub

Now, I’m not normally one for the sweet themed anything at Lush. But holy cocoa, this body scrub is something else. True to its name, it has a heavenly crumbly biscuit-like texture, with an extremely comforting scent of yummy vanillery-chocolatey goodness. The main reason I love it so much is because it works so damn hard. I’m lazy - I don’t like to put in all the effort when it comes to my body scrub.

The superfine exfoliate made with sugar and sea salt really sticks to your skin. Meaning, you don’t lose half of it on it’s journey from pot to bum. It’s syrup-like cling your skin makes for a very satisfying scrub that doesn’t miss a crease. With Cookie Dough, ‘I can’t stop feeling my skin’ will be your new catchphrase. The scrub also uses hazelnut and pistachio oils to moisturise and protect your skin longer term.

All-year-round alternatives: Scrubee, Buffy

3. Snowflake Body Lotion

If I could bathe in this stuff, I would. You will literally want to roll this lotion over your body like marzipan on Christmas cake. And if marzipan is your thing, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what this smells like. *drools* This product is potentially the richest, most addictive, glistening pot of lush magic I have ever dipped my fingers into. As someone with skin problems, I never thought I could replace my beloved Dream Cream. But this triple hit of almond milk, fair trade almond oil and almond essential oil - and I still can’t believe I’m typing this - I found a new #1 lotion.

My skin has never drank up a lotion like this before. Better yet, it’s that rich just one dollop does half my body. Not only does it smell delicious and will make you want to eat your own arm, it has rose water to help soothe, and sandalwood oils for a deep, woody warmth - it’s a big fat yes from me.

All-year-round alternatives: Dream Cream, Sympathy for the Skin

4. Ultrabland Cleanser

Meet the holy grail of makeup removing. Less is more with this all-year-round beauty, a simple and effective cleansing balm to deeply but very gently remove all traces of makeup, dirt and whatever other nasties are all up in that skin. The product is based on an ancient Greek formula for cold cream, a luxurious cleanser that combines hydrating almond oil and soothing rose water with antibacterial honey and rich, protective beeswax to lift away dirt without stripping away your skin’s natural defences.

It’s the Lush top Dessert Island product, meaning, if you ever were stranded, this may be all you need - this and all of Jack’s hidden rum obvi. I genuinely can’t picture my skincare routine without Ultrabland now. It has helped balance and calm my combination spot-prone complexion, it does pretty much everything. If you’re new to cold cream cleansers, you might find it odd that you don't use any water with this product. Well, not really. To use properly, you rub a penny sized amount (or more if you wear a lot of makeup) onto your face and then use a damp face cloth to wipe it off.

5. Full of Grace Naked Facial Oil

I know you’re thinking about how much this serum bar looks like a vagina. And just like a real vagina, this serum may give you the gift of life. A new life with perfectly supple, glowing and smooth skin. Packed with adaptive-like hydrating and nourishing ingredients, Full of Grace is basically just food for your skin. The serum bar contains a blend of oils for their skin-protecting vitamins and minerals. The fresh portobello mushroom helps to detoxify and reduce redness, whilst chamomile blue oil and calamine powder calm the skin – and even controls greasiness too.

I swear it’s like this serum becomes your skin’s therapist and finds out exactly what’s wrong, and what will help. Texture wise, the serum glides on to leave skin feeling silky smooth and usually sinks in fully within 10 minutes. All you need to do is warm the bar up in the palms of your hands, then glide the serum across your skin, allowing all the beautiful ingredients to soak in. B-e-a-utiful.

6. Volcano Foot Mask

Please do not wait until you’re 70 to try a foot mask. If you want to feel all brand new, you better start with your feet. There is something so transformative about caring for our precious little soles that work so hard, that take us everywhere, every single day. The cooling and invigorating mask contains powerful deodorising ingredients, with pumice to doubles-up as a super scrummy foot scrub. And for real, this scrub feels so good it will make your toes curl in the best possible way. Volcano is ideal for warming wintry feet, it’s tingly feeling takes away all the pain, swelling and inflammation from trekking the countless hills in Sheffield (or whatever it is your feet go through). Smear this kaolin-based clay mask over your soles and heels, cover with a warm towel, and put your feet up for 20 minutes - or double up on your self-care pamper and dangle them over the tub while you spend some with the lovely Lord of Misrule.

7. R&B Hair Moisturiser

I cannot recommend this groovy pot of stuff enough. One small tub lasts me a whole damn year. If your hair is more on the fine-frizzy side like mine, all you need is the tiniest dollop for smooth, hydrated, healthy-looking and luscious locks. Not to mention, like most lush things, it smells amazing. But at least with this sexy jasmine and orange blossom fragrance, the smell doesn’t go down the drain once you’ve finished. It stays in your hair for days and you can finally relate to those erotic herbal essences adverts, because you become a one. It blends avocado butter, coconut, jojoba, olive oils, and candelilla wax (basically all the herbal fatty goodness that hair loves) to seriously moisturise and soften up hair into shiny smooth locks. Just rub the creamy formula into wet or dry hair, and style it how you like, or brush through.

Hope you've enjoyed this very casual babble on my favourite Lush Products this Winter. If you decide to give any a go, I would love to know your thoughts.

Love and Moonlight for the Winter ahead. Stay fresh, love your skin,

and always, always

- Handle with Care